CCI D-Base Premium Clear Discharge Quart

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D-Base is a clear waterbase discharge ink. Suitable fabrics are easily discharged producing an extremely soft hand. D-Base can be used as a color-stripping ("bleaching") underbase or can be used with pigments. D-Base can be used in conjuction with other ink systems to produce multiple effects. D-Base's rheology and flow characteristics allow it to be printed with high mesh counts. This produces very fine image detail and a softer finish. Don't forget 3-6% activator agent (Sold separately) must be mixed in to this ink in order for the discharging process to occur! Once activator has been added, shelf life is around 6 hours so try to only mix as much as you need for your print job.

Product Details

  • Exceptionally soft hand
  • Low odor
  • PVC and Phthalate free
  • Easy clean-up
  • Slower dry time in screen
  • Recommended Mesh: 160 - 305


Screens must be prepared with water-resistant emulsion to prevent stencil breakdown on press. Post-hardening the stencil is recommended for long print runs. Stir in 3-6% by weight, D-Powder Discharge Activator and mix well. Different percentages of the activator will yield different results. Mix only enough for current production requirements. Activated D-Base should be used within 8 hours of mixing. If using CMS pigments, you can add 1-10% pigment to the base depending on desired shade. D-Base may be thinned with water if a lower viscosity is required, up to 10% max.



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